What does "direction" mean when viewing service metrics?

When I edit a service I can see a “metrics” button. Opening this view has a “usage by direction” and I’m wondering which direction is which i.e. Tx, Rx. I know these mean transmit and receive but I’m not sure which endpoint is sending vs receiving.

Also I don’t see any metrics in the “usage by endpoint”, usage by endpoints", or “usage by edge routers” sub-tabs. I’m still becoming familiar with metrics views in the web console so I’m not sure if those are supposed to be blank.

Thanks for any insights. I’m just exploring the sorts of metrics I can view in the console.

That’s a possible delay in loading metrics. Should be sorted now. Can you recheck @kbingham ?

And direction - Tx is data sent by the endpoint. Rx is data received by the endpoint.

Ah, OK, so the metrics are always from the perspective of the endpoint?

Yes @kbingham . I’m getting this double checked from our team to be 100% accurate

I have confirmed this again with our engineers.