Teams plan data limit

How does the data limit work, precisely? I want to set up private cloud storage and video streaming and I expect the first month or two will be data heavy. I could throttle to stretch it out if I can’t work around the data limit, but I’m wondering if my self-hosted router counts against my Teams plan /free-tier quota?

Specifically, if I only use my self-hosted router for the majority of my data transfer will I still count against my quota, or does my quota include all endpoint bandwidth irrespective of which edge router is used, whether hosted or self-hosted?

Thank you!

Currently we count traffic based on Tx, or the initiator. There’s not a shutoff or throttling, but if the traffic is significantly over the quota then the network will likely be moved to a growth plan.

Got it. So bandwidth data cap is computed from an endpoint perspective, not routers / fabric / backbone. Only the Tx/Rx of the connection initiator / dialer is summed into my quota.