How do i set up the network? - Question from prashanth.ravichandran

I have been watching netfoundry setup videos on youtube and I have a query. If I want to replace my current VPN setup where users connect remotely to my datacenter, do I have to create a fabric router hosted on netfoundry and then install another edge router (VM) hosted on prem or can I directly install the edge router (VM) on my prem and start using NetFoundry network?

Yes. You need min of 1 NetFoundry hosted edge router that creates the fabric in the region where your users / DC is ( min 2 routers for resiliency is suggested) . These fabric routers are the public routers. The customer edge router has to be installed on your private DC which is a private router ( all inbound traffic is shut as per zero trust principles) to connect to your apps in the private DC. The solution recipe matching your requirement is here -

Please ask any follow up question that you might have.