Unable to open a splash page using Netfoundry demo guide

Hi Experts,

I tried using the hello world guide and spun up a lab, somehow it is not working for me. I am getting a bit confused with the document sections if you can help me guide with your expertise that would be much appreciated.


  1. As per the guide there is one Netfoundry Edge router that needs to be spun up and one Customer hosted Edge router which needs to be spun up, but if we see the architecture in the Lab guide there has to be two Netfoundry Edge routers and one Customer hosted edge router in AWS.

  2. a) As per the Lab guide the Netfoundry edge router is not showing where exactly it needs to get registered, if this needs to be registered via AWS cloud stack or there is an option to select a VM stack
    b) Your edge router section in the additional info says that most people deploy VM stack as the edge router of Netfoundry, but this is “Customer hosted” this statement is confusing a lot

  3. a) There is an option to create Customer hosted edge router under the edge router section, In the lab guide it is suggested to use the link to download the VM which takes to AWS marketplace. While you continue to subscribe and configure it gives an option to choose AMI (Amazon Machine Image) versions (Latest March 2022, and Older version of 2021), if you choose older version of AMI you cannot spin up the Instance.
    b) If we choose to spin op the new version, it will not allow the free tier (T2 micro) version and you can launch other Instances such as T3, C5, etc. Now the super confusing thing about the document is " Launching your Edge Router in AWS via CloudFormation" is this pointing For Netfoundry hosted router to register or Is this for Customer hosted edge router registration.

c) If the above point (b) “Launching your Edge Router in AWS via CloudFormation” is for Netfoundry hosted edge router, then it should spin up below mentioned as per the guide:

" * This CloudFormation script will create a simple VPC, a subnet, a routing table, an internet gateway, and two EC2 instances, a (1) t2.micro for the Hello World webpage and a (2) t2.micro for the NetFoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform VM along with a security group, to allow port 80 (HTTP) from anywhere to the Demo App."
Where t2micro which is a freeware instance never spins up and always t3 gets spins up.

  1. I registered the Netfoundry Edge router through AWS CloudFormation stack and Customer Hosted through EC2 using the the following configuration while deploying EC2 instance:
    /opt/netfoundry/router-registration {key}
    Wanted to confirm if this step is correct or not?

  2. While creating APPWAN, the document suggest 3 things to be followed 1. Service attribute , 2. edge router attribute and 3. Endpoint attribute, which are purely optional , but there is no field to put Edge router attribute

  3. I downloaded the Windows Ziti Client from Netfoundry’s website on a New Windows11 Laptop which i bought few days ago, I was successfully enrolled but that client software had trojan which corrupted my Windows.

7.I tried on other Windows laptop My Ziti client enrolls successfully and shows registered in Netfoundry console but the tunnel config of Ziti client only shares an IP address of Github ( which cannot be changed and you cannot enable DNS in the Ziti client which is weird and i cannot connect to the Splash page of Hello World, though the Ziti client is whitelisted

I am Attaching the screenshots of Configuration on Both Console and AWS, looking help to get it solved.

Hi Prabh,

Based on the screenshots shared, your Edge router policy, Services, and AppWAN configurations seem to be causing issues.

Please refer Solution recipe - NetFoundry for connecting remote users to apps in cloud for more clarity on Endpoint, Edge router policy, Services, and AppWAN configurations.

You can also refer Docs & Guides section for more clarity.

Sheik Ahamed

Hi Sheik,

Thanks for the valuable suggestion, I have gone through the Videos and in the shared Link. As per the first Video and related steps:
If you see the below Screenshot, while selecting the Netfoundry Edge router, there is no option available to choose AWS in Cloud provider Dropdown as it automatically gets registered after selecting the AWS. I am only getting an option for Open source - OCP provider and nothing else also the DC list option

@prabh1 You can go ahead and choose OCP. It can be any Cloud provider to provision NetFoundry hosted fabric router.

Hi Sheik,

Thanks for prompt response, I destroyed the lab from Scratch I did exactly choosing OCP as cloud provider and created, but nothing happens as an automatic registration. It gives an option of a registration Key which i only have an option to access AWS cloud formation stack and i try to register and it gets registered successfully. But it only populates t3 instances but as per the Documents it should spin up two EC2 with T2 micro services including a hello webpage along with T2 zero trust networking platform.

Because, it doesn’t spin up the required instances and you need to manually spin up the webpage instance, still there is an option for T3 instance only.

I can show more over a Zoom call if you have your availability.

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Apologies, I mistakenly added one wrong Screenshot in above reply.