Error when trying to register a Virtualbox based Edge Router

When trying to register a virtualbox based Edge Router, I receive the following error:

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.11.19 PM

I’m running VirtualBox 6.1.34 r150636 and the image imported in with the name “virtualbox-1.9.20220630”

Hi @DarinPope, was your registration command like this?

/opt/netfoundry/router-registration {key}

If so, you could try rotating the key once to make sure it’s valid. That’s accomplished by clicking on the registration key button in the router’s detail page in the web console. That’ll copy the key to your clipboard.

If it’s still not working please check if there’s any crucial steps overlooked in this article:

Please let us know how it goes,

I have verified the virtual box image and was able to register to a network.

Can you provide full log when you run the registration command?

Can you also run the registration with --debug?

also, please provide output of " /opt/netfoundry/.router-reg -v"



There were a handful of items that I had messed up:

  1. I didn’t realize the code was truly a 1 time code
  2. I didn’t have the network interface correctly configured
  3. I assumed the defaults from the OVA were correct. I had to tweak and handful of settings according to the doc.
  4. Since I’m running the edge router in my house, it was picking up multiple interfaces. Once I specified my external router IP, the registration completed successfully and I was able to connect across the fabric using my phone.

Thanks for you help. I’m documenting all of this as I go :slight_smile: