Service Health 100% failure

NameDial HealthSuccess Failure
WMCRDSRDP 0% 0508164

Service was working when first set up now not working

I use only NF hosted edge routers, no on premise edge routers

Hi @tvanwhy

Thanks for reaching out to NetFoundry Community Support.

Could you please share the Network name?

Sheik Ahamed

Network name is WMCzerotrust

Hi @tvanwhy

Please refer to the Ziti Windows Desktop edge troubleshooting guide and Support Playbook.

Please let us know if this helps to carry out initial troubleshooting at your end.

Sheik Ahamed

You cannot put the endpoint and the service it is hosting in the same appwan.

You have issue with two of the appwans: AFShomeAppWan and WMCRDSAppWan

Hi @tvanwhy ,

The APPWAN configs that lead to conflicts are explained in our support guide -

Best Practice/ Caution:

1. Take care not to add ERs or endpoints hosting services to the same APPWAN that lists those services. Always create a separate AppWAN for a set of endpoints that access services where none of them are terminating any of those services. Creating a bi-directional AppWAN will cause traffic blackhole, since the endpoints are acting as the ones terminating the service as well as the source.

2. Take care not to add an endpoint to multiple appwans that have the same or overlapping services. The endpoint will get into a routing conflict when it has access to the same service via multiple APPWANs

3. Take care not to add overlapping services to the same APPWAN. Example service A has subnet as intercept address for port range 2000-4000 and service B has subnet as intercept address for port 3800-3900. Adding services A & B to the same APPWAN creates a conflict