Issue on endpoints for RaspPi 4

I’m not able to run ziti-edge-tunnel on my Raspberry Pi 4 8GB. Both the ARM flavor and the Docker flavor of ziti-edge-tunnel failed. I assume it’s due to how you expect DNS is handled on RPi, because RPi, specifically Raspbian, doesn’t do DNS the same way as documented in, i.e. /etc/resolv.conf is a real file in Raspbian, not a symlink.

Can you share the logs from your tries to run ZET? What ZET version did you use, the latest?

I just ran ZET on our Pi and it works. No issue with DNS

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo ./ziti-edge-tunnel run -i wall_pi.json
[        0.000]    INFO tunnel-sdk:ziti_tunnel.c:60 create_tunneler_ctx() Ziti Tunneler SDK (v0.18.16)
[        0.000]    INFO tunnel-cbs:ziti_dns.c:148 seed_dns() DNS configured with range -
[        0.077]    INFO tunnel-cbs:ziti_tunnel_ctrl.c:861 load_ziti_async() attempting to load ziti instance from file[wall_pi.json]
[        0.077]    INFO tunnel-cbs:ziti_tunnel_ctrl.c:868 load_ziti_async() loading ziti instance from /home/pi/wall_pi.json
[        0.077]    INFO ziti_log_set_level set log level: ziti_log_lvl=3 &ziti_log_lvl = 0x51f124
[        0.077]    INFO ziti-edge-tunnel:ziti-edge-tunnel.c:1081 load_id_cb() identity[wall_pi.json] loaded
[        0.077]    WARN ziti-edge-tunnel:instance.c:37 find_tunnel_identity() Identity ztx[wall_pi.json] is not loaded yet or already removed.
[        0.077]   ERROR ziti-edge-tunnel:instance-config.c:121 save_tunnel_status_to_file() Could not save the config file [/var/lib/ziti/config.json] due to semaphore lock not initialized error.
[        0.087]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti.c:415 ziti_init_async() ztx[0] Ziti C SDK version 0.28.10 @fe699a2(HEAD) starting at (2022-07-01T16:22:07.501)
[        0.087]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti.c:416 ziti_init_async() ztx[0] using uv_mbed[v0.14.9], tls[mbed TLS 3.1.0]
[        0.087]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti.c:417 ziti_init_async() ztx[0] Loading from config[wall_pi.json] controller[]
[        0.087]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti_ctrl.c:394 ziti_ctrl_init() ctrl[] ziti controller client initialized
[        0.087]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti.c:808 ziti_re_auth_with_cb() ztx[0] starting to re-auth with ctlr[] api_session_status[0] api_session_expired[TRUE]
[        0.146]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti.c:1470 version_cb() ztx[0] connected to controller version v0.25.2(6d2cb18934cc 2022-03-11T16:14:48Z)
[        0.174]    INFO ziti-sdk:ziti.c:1360 ziti_set_api_session() ztx[0] api session set, setting api_session_timer to 1740s
[        0.174]    INFO tunnel-cbs:ziti_tunnel_ctrl.c:724 on_ziti_event() ziti_ctx[wall_pi] connected to controller
[        0.174]    INFO ziti-edge-tunnel:ziti-edge-tunnel.c:1111 on_event() ztx[wall_pi.json] context event : status is OK
[       20.174]    INFO ziti-sdk:posture.c:189 ziti_send_posture_data() ztx[0] first run or potential controller restart detected

DNS configuration with Ziti Resolver was set correctly

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cat /etc/resolv.conf
# Generated by resolvconf

pi@raspberrypi:~ $  ./ziti-edge-tunnel version -v
ziti-tunneler:  v0.18.16
ziti-sdk:       0.28.10

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ uname -a
Linux raspberrypi 5.10.17-v7l+ #1414 SMP Fri Apr 30 13:20:47 BST 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux
pi@raspberrypi:~ $

There were some errant ERROR messages during the enroll process. Once I ignored those, I saw that everything worked as expected.