Issue compilling endpoint for OpenWRT on teltonika RUTX50

Ive have been testing a lot, but I am hitting a wall now. I have been trying to compile my firmware for mig teltonika RUTX50, and I am coming to the point where I can’t build it with the tunneler sdk as advised on your docks

I want to use this service, and if I can’t get remote access to work with this kind of device, I don’t know what to do see attachment. It’s the failure I always get.

Can you tell me if I can route 4 devices with the same port through this service easily on the platform too? (Assuming we solve the compile problem).

To compile ziti-edge-tunnel on RUTOS, download SDK from teltonika page: Software Development Kit - Teltonika Networks Wiki

download ziti-tunnel-sdk-c (tag 0.21.0)

export these three environ varibales:
export ZITI_TUN_SRC_DIR=“/home/ubuntu/ziti-tunnel-sdk-c”
export OPENWRT_DIR=“/home/ubuntu/rutos-ath79-rut9-gpl”
export TARGET=“mips_24kc”

then run the build script:
${ZITI_TUN_SRC_DIR}/scripts/ -s ${OPENWRT_DIR} -t ${TARGET}