Clarification needed on zrok private shares

I was re-reading the zrok documentation, and had a small question about the private shares. Here’s the section I’m wondering about: The zrok access private wvszln4dyz9q command can be run by any zrok user, allowing them to create and bind a local HTTP listener, that allows for private access to your shared resources.

Does this mean that any other zrok user, even others not enabled with my same secret token, will be able to connect, if they have the right share token? Or, does that still require it to be one of the nodes that show up in my web console? My understanding is that only devices that show up in that graphical “web” on my account would be able to access a private share, but the wording in the docs is ambiguous enough that I want to be sure I’m understanding it correctly.

Hi @Logan_Rollins, Yes, any enabled environment can access a private share if they have the private access token. That way, you can share privately with another party that is registered with, and they can enable one or more environments of their own.