Windows Ziti app doesn't seem to be intercepting traffic

I am trying to set up a new Windows 10 device and it does not appear to be intercepting any traffic with the app. The services appear in app, I tried adding IPs instead of DNS with no luck, but if I try to do an nslookup of the host(s) in question against the 100.64.x.x IP, it responds with the 100.64.x.x IP as expected.

So it seems almost like it’s incapable of picking up the network traffic. I’ve tried a reinstall, the service is running, services and auth appear good. This same configuration is working on other devices.

Has anyone seen something similar or have thoughts on what to look at specifically to troubleshoot this?

We’ve seen this when there’s a VPN client installed and running along side the OpenZiti client. You can also look at the logs to see if there are any hints in there.

My guess is some other VPN client fighting with the OpenZiti client.